erintahdah asked:

You would love the Trail of Terror in CT! Ive been going for years it's amazing! Plus the money goes to charity!

I LOVE Halloween haunts! I used to work at one down in Central California, where I used to live. :) So. Much. Fun! I’m not easily scared, but I sure do LOVE to do the scaring! ;D

Yep… It’s getting closer to Halloween

So, I was just awoken from a dead sleep by my dad’s “drum-roll knock” on my bedroom door. This would have been completely normal, except for the fact that my dad has been dead for almost 5 years…And there was no one at the door. Both mom and Mike (my brother) were sound asleep in bed upstairs. I am a very light sleeper. I hear EVERYTHING! I would have heard them coming down the stairs. Especially since it’s next to my room. O.O I haven’t heard that knock in nearly 5 years, but when I awoke from my dead sleep, years of habit had me nearly saying “what dad?” What. The. Hell?! Nobody else did that knock. NOBODY! It was the knock of a drummer. His own personal knock just for me. And something I had never mentioned to anyone before. Something I had actually forgotten about until this morning when I realized that “Hey! That’s dad’s knock! Waaaaait a minute. He’s dead.” Yep… It is DEFINITELY nearing All Hallows Eve. ( Que the time of year when the spirit world starts poking at Shannah. Every damn year ).