intheskyfornow asked:

Okay, So i read through your page and i saw that you mentioned you'd been practicing wicca for about 10 years now. I would genuienly like to become a white witch but I am very confused on what I would have to exactly do to become one. By that I mean, I know being a white witch is to do with respect and being in tune with nature and there's absolutely nothing bad about the religion. But I really want to know what kind of books I would have to read or things I would need to do to become one.

Honestly, if you have decided to be a ‘white witch” and walk the path of a true Wiccan, then you already are one. There’s nothing to become. :) That being said, if you are interested in learning what we’re all about, how we do our ceremonies and sabots and what we believe in, I DO have a few suggestions. 

I always recommend “To Ride A Silver Broomstick” by Silver RavenWolf it’s a great introductory into Wicca. She has several other awesome books as well.

I also would say pick up a copy of “Solitary Witch” anothr by Silver RavenWolf, this is like a book of Shadows starter kit in a way and it’s friggin amazing! I still refer back to it for things all the time. Best purchase EVER! ;)

Another one I have is “A Witches’ Bible” by Stewart and Janet Farrar. This one is a bit old, but it still has a lot of relativity for the modern witch. 

And lastly, ” Power of the Witch” by Laurie Cabot. I love her, and she even does some youtube videos that explain some of the things we “White Witches” do. :) Hope that helps!!!!

Blessed be!