only5s0s asked:

Hey! I adore your blog so so much! Would you ever consider doing a room tour on YouTube?? I'd love to see that and any other videos you would post! You have a subscriber here:)!

Oooh! I haven’t thought of that!  I have a youtube channel, ” Legolas0985 ”  it’s just random videos of my pets and my friends and I being stupid. But you’re more than welcome to check it out. I just might have to take you up on this idea though! :)

thecuriousstorm asked:

Probably a really stupid question, but I was wondering why you like halloween so much? What's your reason for loving it?

Not a stupid question at all! But definitely a tough one to answer. I can’t pinpoint exactly why I love Halloween so much. I have loved it for as long as I can remember. My earliest memory of it was Kindergarten. When Fall/October rolled around and we started learning/singing all the old Halloween songs, reading Halloween themed books and drawing/coloring witches, black cats, jack o lanterns, bats, and ghosts. :) I remember climbing onto the giant concrete tunnel in the kindergarten playground yard, and sitting down, watching the colorful leaves fall and flutter from the giant oak trees in the cool wind. I was mesmerized by Autumn and all that came with it. But as to why that was, I can’t say exactly. Just that I simply was/am. 

myrainyparade asked:

Any autumn/Halloween blogs you could recommend?

emotion-story-rhythm asked:

Do you have any halloween traditions? Like, for instance, my roommate and I have been doing one halloween/spooky thing every day in October for about 3 years now. It could be going to a haunted house, pumpkin patch, watching a movie/show, playing a scary game, etc. I mean, it's got nothing on your room, but it's a lot of fun and almost just as fun to plan! Lol What special things do you do?

Oh, that’s a really good question! :) Being Wiccan, Halloween is an important night for us anyway. Around midnight, I do a ceremony where I honor the dead and my loved ones who have passed away. Part of that ceremony is to leave a bit of food and drink out as an offering to them and to any spirits wandering the night. I usually bake a bunch of Pumpkin bread, so I’ll leave a slice of that out with some punch. It doesn’t have to be anything special.

And as far as Halloween/October fun traditions, my family/friends and I always go to a Haunted house every year to get the pants scared off of us. I like places that have outdoor attractions so I can enjoy the fall air.  And there’s nothing creepier than walking through a real forest at night. We usually get Pumpkin Spice lattes to sip on and keep warm. (It gets pretty damn cold up here in Washington at night. Especially where I live) And Halloween night we gorge ourselves on Halloween themed snacks and treats while watching a stack of our favorite Halloween themed movies. We ALWAYS watch “The Nightmare Before Christmas” last and always before we go to bed, to say good bye to Halloween and welcome the coming of Christmas. By then it’s usally 3-4 in the morning and we drag ourselves off to bed, lamenting the passing of Halloween. It’s always a little sad for me to see it go.